Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eliminating the Crazy:A Brief Explination

This morning as I was fighting with my daughter about how she cannot wear the same Hello Kitty dress two days in a row, telling the other girl she cannot wear shorts when it is only supposed to reach 60 degrees today, and deciding it is totally acceptable for the boys to wear their pajamas to just drop the girls off at school I was thinking about what I was going to write about in today's post. I do not want to only write about the kids, or housework, or organizing, because damn it I am more than just a mom. On the other hand I am not exactly sure what I want to write about, I just want to write. Maybe one day I will want to write about an awesome find from the Goodwill and the next day I will want to write about how I actually made something I found on Pinterest. There will of course be days where I do brag or bitch about the kids. I may be more than a mom, but I am a mom. Then it hit me, for my first real post I should explain what Eliminate the Crazy means.
When I was 25 I had been making a string of bad decisions regarding men, jobs, education, pretty much you name it and I was making the wrong decision. I was trying to grow up but it was not easy and I was lost. Then I hit a point where I wanted to change my life and I had a conversation with my mom and I told her I needed to eliminate the crazy. I needed to not date anyone, I needed to get rid of most of my friends and move home, get enrolled in school, basically get my shit together. My mom loved that phrase. Eliminate the crazy seemed to be my new mantra. I did move home, I did ditch some bad influences, and I did not date anyone for awhile. I thought I had succeeded. Soon I would meet a man that would bring on crazy like I had never experienced. He would also father my daughter and she is the reason I grew up and the reason the crazy I have in my life now is the good kind.
Eliminating the crazy is a process and it is cyclical. Sometimes I feel like I am about to pull my hair out but at this point I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be. There are still times where I have to purge crazy people from my life, but had I never met the bad kind of crazy people I suppose I would not be able to identify and eliminate them from my life.

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