Monday, April 16, 2012

Allow Myself To Introduce Myself

I've never blogged before so I am in virgin territory here so I am just going to start off by introducing myself. Probably anyone who is going to be reading this already knows me but on the off chance that some stranger stumbles here I guess I will fill you in.
I am Stacy, I am 32, I am divorced and my ex and I have the best relationship you can hope for between exes because we are mature enough to realize we are going to spend the rest of our lives raising kids together. I have 2 kids named I will probably write about them a lot because I am one of those moms who adore their kids. I live with my boyfriend and his 2 kids. The boyfriend also has a son who lives with us every other weekend so I will write about all of them. I will be writing about all of them because they are not just a part of my life, they are my life and I love them all. Trying to make several families into one family is not easy and I need to vent about it and I guess that is part of what I am trying to do here. I'm sure there will be tons about the kids later so a little more about me.
I love books. If I could find a way to make money reading books and drinking coffee that would be ideal. I like to write so I figure maybe blogging will get me in the habit of writing on a regular basis. We shall see.
I graduated college in December 2010 with a degree in political science and a minor in literature. I should have majored in lit. I have no interest in politics, but I really liked my political science professor and he was actually a political philosophy guy. I have no interest in law school so I have a degree that doesn't really make me qualify me to do much. Eventually I would like to continue going to school and teach literature on the college level. You know, read books and teach about them.
In addition to books and my kids I love coffee, thrift store shopping, scrabble (but I settle for words with friends), my friends, celebrity gossip, pinterest, The Office, Friends, and chick rock and 'that's what she said' jokes. I have a Jewish dad, am not a member of an organized religion but I am a spiritual person. I am a patriotic democrat. I do not like to discuss religion or politics but I'm not saying they will never come up so fair warning.
Well that's a start. Hopefully I have something to write about next time so I am not just rambling.

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